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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finding Inspiration for Writing

Writing, writing and writing is very important when you want to seriously in blogging activity. There are many reasons why people seriously in the blogging of which they wish to their article views by the people, they want to seriously do internet business, or they want to become famous in the virtual world such as John Chow and etc. Writing also has become a routine activity for the information service provider such as an online journalist.

Writing is often seen as very difficult activities for beginner blogger. I ever felt how difficult it is to write one article for the new blog I have made. My difficulty in determining a suitable topic and easy to be developed into a paragraph in length and quality. This requires the hard work, deeply thinking and time to write an article.

To find a topic that is suitable, you can spend some time looking for inspiration for a while. There are many ways that people do to find inspiration. Those ways are really different between one and other. Here are tips to find the inspiration that I always do:

1. Think about your specific

Your specific will be more easily expressed than something that not your specification. For example: If you work as a radio broadcaster why do not you think of your broadcasting style. You can write your experience to others in your blog. If you are athlete, why do not you write an article about sports?

2. Simple thinking

As a beginner author, you may feel very difficult if you are writing articles that complex. So when you looking for inspiration, try to think something simple, let your mind develop itself.

3. Listening to the favourite music

This is most often do when I looking for inspiration. Listening to favourite music can make our minds become quiet, comfortable and in rhythm to music late, so I lost all the burden of the problem. After that our mind would think easier to find a suitable topic to be written.

4. Do Blogwalking (Read other blog)

When you lack of inspiration, take your few time to read the articles on the other blog. You can find it in the blog directory such as MyBloglog , BlogCatalog or other. Take a few time to read them and keep track of what the topic inside them.

I hope a few tips that I have written above can help you. Happy finding inspiration!.

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