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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learn the Visitor's Ideas and Write about Them

like my mind

Any site or bog owner certainly wants someone to visit their site or blog every day. They want any posts, opinions or articles that they write will be read by others. They want something that has been written can help to solve problems which being faced by the visitors. They want to when people type in certain keywords in the Google search box, their articles can appear on the first page.

Do the blog or site owners know what the problem is being sought by visitor? When the site or blog owner know about what the topics that being searched by visitors, it’ll be sure the site will be opened each day. It's very difficult to read visitor’s mind and everyone always feel it including me. But it is not a difficult thing for Google. Google is the best mind reader today. They know everything what the visitor searched. What you have in your mind when you first open a web browser? I am sure, that you have in your mind is typing a keyword on Google. Hmm...It’s amazing!!

If you want to know what is inside human mind and what the keyword will type in, then you do not need to ask for help to magician who can read the human mind. If you don’t want to pay a magician, you can use tools like SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool. Keyword suggestion tool will help you determine the keywords that are suitable for the articles you created. So that your article will be easily found when visitors type in their keywords in search engines such as Google.

There are lots of keyword suggestion tools that you can use for free on the internet. You can find it in the Google search engine by typing the keyword “free keyword suggestion tool”. Key word suggestion tools that I like most is I always use this site service when I want to
a new topic.

Keyworddiscovery can helps you to discover the best keywords to target on your website. It provides Free Search Term Suggestion Tool which can be accessed by non registered user. You can type the keyword that you want and they will help you list the keywords that visitors most often sought.

After You find the best keywords, then You can write articles with titles that match the keywords that You get the previous on Keyworddiscovery page. Remember, always include your keyword into title of your post because title is the most sensitive part when the search engine indexing your site/blog. So your site or blog will easy to displayed on first page.

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